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2h30 by boat since Mahé, 2h by catamaran, 15mn by plane.
For people liking walking:
* walk Ste Anne Bay- Marie-Louise Bay- Consolation Bay: little road, beautiful panoramas, deserted beaches, but slopes with 30%!
* walk Ste Anne Bay- La Blague Bay(beautiful slopes also).
Bus every hour (not expensive).
Praslin is the only place in the world where lives the sea coconut tree, producing a very particular coconut, named here “coconut-buttock”. It abounds in the forest of the Valley of May (site recognized by UNESCO).
May Valley has to be visited(preferably in the morning or at end of afternoon, admittance 100 rupees). Do not hope to collect coconuts buttocks: they are on sale in the store for a prohibitive price (500-1500 rupees).

With 150 km2, Mahé is the largest island of Seychelles. Victoria is the capital (25 000 inhabitants): the market, true bazaar, constitutes principal attraction with the fishmongers and the merchants of spices. The district is worth also for its charming creole houses.
The island of Mahé counts nearly 68 beaches… Beau Vallon beach is very famous and the most attended, Anse Intendance (Intendance beach) is regarded as most beautiful.
Water sports : water skiing, board with veil or upward parachute. No problem for car hiring, but I think bus is better to visit, and to meet seychelle people. No bicycles for hiring for the moment.

-------LA DIGUE-----
With extraordinary landscapes, La Digue is obviously the most beautiful island in Seychelles. Access only by boat. You will be able easily to explore all around the island by hiring bicycle on your arrival (35-40 rupees)or by ox cart. Anse source d'argent (Silver Spring Cove) is quite simply sublime. It seems hollywood scenery. The granite rocks contrasts with the whiteness of the sand, flickering on crystalline water…
To also see: Grande Anse and Coconuts Anse, wilder.

Schedules of connections per boat Praslin (Ste Anne Bay)-La Digue-Praslin

Praslin-La Digue La Digue-Praslin
7h 7h30
9h30 10h
10h30 11h30
14h30 15h30
17h30 17h30